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Additive Manufacturing is the process of making three dimensional parts or adding material on to an existing part directly from a digital model or CAD design through layer by layer build-up.  With its closed-loop process control and 6-axis additive CAM software, DMD technology offers a superior additive metal process for industry applications and solutions to problems encountered relating to wear surfaces or restoration and repair of components. DMD uses industrial lasers as an optical heat energy source to directly produce metal parts while maintaining dimensional stability during fabrication using our patented closed-loop feedback system.


Production Services & Components

Our Direct Metal Deposition technology (DMD®) is an advanced additive metal process with far-reaching applications. DMD’s wide capability makes it a great tool for engineers in a variety of industries ranging from oilfield to aerospace, from automotive to chemical, from heavy equipment industries to defense. DMD® is ideal for the following production services.

Strategic Partnership

DM3D has forged strategic partnerships with market leaders in different industry segments to facilitate the commercialization of DMD technology. As part of this broad vision, DM3D works closely with its strategic partners to develop new products, qualify their performance, scale up from proto production to mass production and market the product successfully, while building machines specific to the product application. Below is an example of a strategic partnership application and the DMD system build to produce those components.


Product Development

At DM3D, it’s all about a zealous pursuit of the highest quality of products and service to meet your needs. We can provide you with complete solutions from design to process development to production manufacturing. Our talented team of engineers and technicians use state-of-the-art, patented DMD, best-in-class, high-speed machining systems and outstanding automated EDM to design and manufacture new products. The integration of cutting-edge DMD technology with CNC and EDM environment, along with our exceptional metallurgical laboratory makes us the leading source for your process solutions.